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ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE FOR HER 2020 | christmas wishlist ideas ✨

If you do not have the money to buy an expensive gift for your partner, there is no sense scraping your savings and buying something you cannot afford. Anniversary gifts need not be expensive. As clich d as it is, it is often the thought that counts a lot. This is the reason why personalized gifts are better appreciated than gifts that you have just bought from the store. Things to Give for the Annual Anniversary When people think of anniversaries, the first thing that comes to the minds of people are those that involve weddings. The couple can decide to give something to each other similar to what happens during Christmas or the spouse decides to offer this to the other. Stitch away. A simple way to make your gifts uniquely your own is to put monogrammed initials on the gifts. For instance, if you are giving the couple towels or matching t-shirts for their anniversary, you can have them stitched with their names or initials. You can even out some personalized designs on the gifts. You can also have a pen engraved with your initials. Some even out their full names on the pen. This really depends on the preference of the couples that you are giving these anniversary gifts too. Often, stores that sell pens already do engraving for free as additional service to improve customer relations. Some even suggest giving a book about Kama Sutra or maybe a book in the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus series. Another great first anniversary idea is a photograph that you can frame. Choose a photo that best reminds you of your good times together and then have it framed. You can even have it enlarged in developing centers. don t do it the other way around. Service it up Another way to give a gift without really spending a cent is to offer your services for free. One idea is to give a voucher of free laundry for a week to the couple or offer to take care of the kids while they go on a second honeymoon trip. You can also give them a blank voucher. 

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