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Although giving romantic gifts like jewelries are traditional during anniversary celebrations, if you do not have the budget, why force it. If you do not have the money to buy an expensive gift for your partner, there is no sense scraping your savings and buying something you cannot afford. Anniversary gifts need not be expensive. If they are going to use the mugs at the office or at work, ask them to exchange mugs and take the one with the initials of the partner. This way, the mugs will serve as reminder of the person when at work. Handkerchief This is actually the standard item that you can have monogrammed. You can place both of their initials on the cloth or put a design that will remind them of each other. With limited gift choices and even more limited budget, it can be one of the most frustrating things that you will have to do. And do it you must. Otherwise, you have to show up with nary a gift in hand. Here are some ideas that may help you come up with wedding anniversary gift with just a few dollars in your pockets. Still shopping for the perfect gift need not be harrowing like it usually is. Here are some tips that may make your wedding anniversary gift shopping a little bit blissful. Know the year Each wedding anniversary year has a corresponding material that serves as symbols. This can help you get some ideas on what to give as wedding anniversary gifts. What you can do is to embroider their names in the hat or cap. If you are not much into embroideries, you can just improvise and buy a patch that you can stitch on the item. Initials will also work on caps as well as other designs such as geometric shapes for men and flowers for women. Another idea is to put a continuing phrase on both caps such as Love is blind. In fact, why not give them a whole set of chinaware with their initials engraved at the back? That will be a great personalized anniversary gift. Make your own. If you know how to knit or to cross stitch, you can also make your own gifts. One project that you can do is to make matching jackets for the couple or maybe a couple of scarves for the winter season. 

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