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Think Memories Memories can be great gifts to people. But as memories are abstract, you can only give photos, music and even cards instead. Why not take a picture of the couple and have it framed? Go to a local craft store and have the picture concerted into a cross-stitch pattern that you can make. You can even start the work and then have them finish it. With limited gift choices and even more limited budget, it can be one of the most frustrating things that you will have to do. And do it you must. Otherwise, you have to show up with nary a gift in hand. Here are some ideas that may help you come up with wedding anniversary gift with just a few dollars in your pockets. If there are many siblings in the family, each member can work together to produce a quilt which symbolizes the love and care given by the parents while growing up. 4. The family can pool some money together to send off the parents on a trip around the world. These should be to places that both have always wished to go. A locket is another suggestion that couples will find endearing. One drawback to this is the fact that it is only appropriate to the woman. Still you can make it a gift for them both by putting their pictures inside. 6. If you can t buy the jewelry, why not buy the next best thing and buy a jewelry box. Prepare not only the food but also the music and the whole romantic ambience. Ask family members what their favorite meals are or better yet, why not ask them what their meals are when they had their first date and then prepare your menu. If you do not know how to cook, enlist the help of family members who know how. How To Put Romance Into Your Anniversary Gifts Anniversaries are romantic occasions where couples can express their love without appearing too sappy. It is actually the perfect time for couples to regain lost communication lines and to say again words of love that they have forgotten to say because of their busy schedules. 

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