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Best Silver Anniversary Gift If You're 100% Broke You can salute all the dignified people of position, but a salute for couples celebrating silver anniversary will definitely be a greeting with substantial awe and respect. Silver is next to gold, representing the traditional 25th year of intact marriage after its binding in matrimonial celebration many years ago. Often, they will look for gifts that they can actually use. The best approach then is to buy gifts that they can use and personalize them. This will ensure that they will not only appreciate the gifts but they will also be reminded of the love that you have for each other. Below are some anniversary gift ideas that might just work with your husband or partner. For instance if you bought an oven toaster, why not include something that they can cook or bake with the oven toaster? You can also make your own gifts. For instance, buy two towels and stitch their initials on the cloth. Think Memories Memories can be great gifts to people. But as memories are abstract, you can only give photos, music and even cards instead. Besides, this is the period in the relationship when love and reminiscing is still in the air and couples still find the time to celebrate the day that the relationship or the marriage started. By tradition, gifts that are often given to couples celebrating their first anniversary are made of paper. This is true for all, whether they are close or not to the couples. Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents With divorce rates skyrocketing, spending decades together is already a miracle. This is especially true with couples that have already endured so much raising their kids from tots to college. This is perhaps the reason why anniversaries that reach the milestone years are often celebrated in a big way. Tenth anniversary is a personal history accomplished by couple s unique merging of their unconditional love. Sometimes being married is one year of being romantic during the childless years, then followed by timeless hurdling with responsibilities for the next nine years. What is worth giving for a tenth anniversary? 

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