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This time, it is all about the meaning of the occasion and not about common vanities and fancies money can buy; it is all about the essence of Silver Anniversary. Giving silver anniversary gift is about knowing the personality of the celebrants. If you are directly attached to the couple, you have an idea of their lifestyle. The entire gift ended with a card that told Jack wrote to Mary saying "thank you" for the many happy years together and how much the man loved the wife. The 25th anniversary present was like a renewal of how much Jack cherished Mary. The amount of planning and preparation was so secret that the wife was felt so special when everything came out. Buy a gold jewelry, whether a ring, a necklace or a bracelet and put their engraved names on it. This is a great gift especially for couples who are fond of wearing matching everything even when they are really old. 3. Buy plates with gold markings or a border that is made of gold. Finding a chinaware like this may seem difficult but this is something that will definitely put a smile on the couple s face. They will actually be happy with sappy items like bouquet of flowers or a poem that you have composed. With guys, it is much different. Only a few will actually appreciate a poem or a special gift that you have made. Often, they will look for gifts that they can actually use. The best approach then is to buy gifts that they can use and personalize them. This is perhaps the reason why gifts during anniversary celebrations seem to be the same gifts year after year. People no longer make an effort to find appropriate gifts for the couple. They just buy whatever is available in the store. Hence, the multitude of plates, photo albums and picture frames that couples receive when they celebrate wedding anniversaries. Some couples even abide with the annual themes and give each other gifts that are made of materials that are prescribed. According to the themes, paper is the material that is prescribed to be given at this period of the relationship. The modern gift that is recommended for the first year is the clock, perhaps to symbolize the continuous passage of time. 

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