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Besides, this is the period in the relationship when love and reminiscing is still in the air and couples still find the time to celebrate the day that the relationship or the marriage started. By tradition, gifts that are often given to couples celebrating their first anniversary are made of paper. This is true for all, whether they are close or not to the couples. All the person has to do is go to the nearest grocery and select a few items. An example could be a bottle of red or white wine with some fruits to congratulate the couple. This will truly make the husband and wife feel special during this momentous occasion. Some supermarkets already sell these pre-packed. Make your own gift This will require a lot of effort and well, you really have to devote a lot of time in making the gift; But if you really don t have the money, this is the cheapest way that you can come up with a gift. The first thing that you have to think of is what kind of craft you can actually do. Sometimes being married is one year of being romantic during the childless years, then followed by timeless hurdling with responsibilities for the next nine years. What is worth giving for a tenth anniversary? Using Anniversary Gem Chart is a reference specifically giving symbolic value to a decade of perseverance and continuous effort to stay together. These are often celebrated with a huge party and are sometimes considered as a renewal of vows. Back in medieval times, the wife is presented with a golden wreath. Through the years, people have continued this tradition by giving each other jewelry, a pen or a clock that is made of gold. It takes a lot of love and patience to make a couple last this long in a relationship. With people constantly on the go, they cannot anymore devote time to knit a sweater or make a photo album. As compromise, some people just buy items that are already made and then make it more personalized by adding design elements such as embroideries and stitchings. Below are some great gift items that you can tinker with and embroider for a more personalized touch. 

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