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Another idea is to put a continuing phrase on both caps such as Love is blind. You can stitch the word Love on one cap and the words is Blind on the other. It will be a unique way of conveying their relationship. Handkerchief. Although this gift idea can be really elementary, it is still viable. You can put their initials on the cloth or even make unique designs on them. Know what is appropriate Like any other occasions, there are gifts that are appropriate for a wedding anniversary party. In fact, there are appropriate gift materials for each year that is celebrated. For instance, the theme for a first year anniversary gift is paper. This is why most people would give books on marriage, photo albums made of handmade paper and others like that as gifts to couples celebrating that year. These come in different sizes so the right one should be chosen to be fit all the items. Some people may notice that these come in different colors such as white, brown or opaque. If the ideal size can t be found in the grocery, then the best place to get these will be the gift or craft shop. Anniversary gift baskets can carry other things aside from food. Something Special to Give for the 25th Wedding Anniversary Jack and Mary have been married for 25 years. Time had flown so fast that both these individuals were able to raise 3 children with the eldest who just finished college. Jack told Mary that this moment would be celebrated with dinner for two at the couple's favorite Italian restaurant along Ocean Boulevard. Your gifts need not be like that! One way to make your gifts unique without really veering so much away from the norm is to turn what is usual into something unusual with just a little bit of imagination your imagination. Personalizing your gifts is not only easy but also fun to do. Besides, couples who will receive your gift will all the more appreciate the effort that you have out into the present for their anniversary. If you can t buy the jewelry, why not buy the next best thing and buy a jewelry box. There are actually great golden jewelry boxes in store. Some are gold-plated that may last for decades while other are just cheaper versions that will probably wear off after some time. Any of these two kinds are already good buy depending on the budget that you have. 

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