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So what do you give? Unless you have a million dollar stashed away in the bank and you can afford to give a diamond ring, the only alternatives are gifts that may be cheap but very sweet. Here are some ideas that we hope will make your anniversary memorable. Look to the memories Nothing can be sweeter than going back to the times that you were together and reminiscing on the good times. But if the individual wants it to be meaningful, it will be a good idea to get all of these items one by one to add that personal touch. The first thing to purchase is the basket. These come in different sizes so the right one should be chosen to be fit all the items. Some people may notice that these come in different colors such as white, brown or opaque. For their anniversary, why not buy them tickets to some exotic destination where they can relax and just have fun. They can even make the trip their second honeymoon. Of course, when you say a vacation, they need to be completely relaxed with the fewest worries as possible. One thing that you can do to minimize their worries is to volunteer to take care of things at home. In the third year, things can be get more exciting by getting something with leather. This can be a bag, a belt or shoes. The person can get a luggage set made of the same material with plane tickets inside to celebrate the anniversary away from other people. Those who are more modern choose to give an item that either has glass or crystal. They will actually be happy with sappy items like bouquet of flowers or a poem that you have composed. With guys, it is much different. Only a few will actually appreciate a poem or a special gift that you have made. Often, they will look for gifts that they can actually use. The best approach then is to buy gifts that they can use and personalize them. Know your budget You can narrow down your search further if you know just how much you can spend for the wedding anniversary gift. Rather than concentrating on gifts that you cannot even afford, why not just stick to what you can and then work from there? This will save you a lot of stress especially in looking for items that will fit your budget. 

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