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The first thing to purchase is the basket. These come in different sizes so the right one should be chosen to be fit all the items. Some people may notice that these come in different colors such as white, brown or opaque. If the ideal size can t be found in the grocery, then the best place to get these will be the gift or craft shop. You can stitch the word Love on one cap and the words is Blind on the other. It will be a unique way of conveying their relationship. Handkerchief. Although this gift idea can be really elementary, it is still viable. You can put their initials on the cloth or even make unique designs on them. Use plain white handkerchief not only to make the designs more visible but also because the color is often associated with marriage or nuptials. If you have special talents in crafts, you can personalize a gift out of creativity. Examples of beautiful gifts that you can create at a lesser cost: - Oil painting or Acrylic painting of a romantic landscape, still life, and relevant artistic style/themes fit for silver anniversary gift - Homemade embroidered bedroom sets like quilts, flat sheets, pillows case sets - Framed Cross-stitched display designs, as wall accent The example of works will be most valued by the celebrants because of the amount of time spent on finishing them. This may not seem appropriate but if you are close friends with at least one of the couple, these kinds of gifts are better appreciated than perhaps drinking glasses or photo albums that are always on the list of anniversary gift ideas. Take note though that you are close to the couple as this may seem pretty intimate. This is a major milestone in marriage, if not a rare one considering the skyrocketing divorce rates in the country. And because it is the golden age, it is but only fitting that gift suggestions for couples who are celebrating their 50th anniversary will also involve a lot of gold. Below are some great gift ideas that you will find useful when you do attend a golden wedding anniversary. This way, they can use the handkerchief as display or souvenir of the occasion that they are celebrating. Towels Another standard gift item that is usually monogrammed is the towel. You can also include under this category bathrobes and face towels, which are often used in the house. This is perhaps the advantage of giving towels and bathrobes. 

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