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50 HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR GIRLS & GIRLFRIENDS 2020 // Christmas wishlist ideas

Choose a photo that best reminds you of your good times together and then have it framed. You can even have it enlarged in developing centers. Some also invests in expensive picture frames. Another idea along the same lines is creating a photo album that will tell the story of your year together. This is especially great if you have lots of photos together and you are both memory addicts. A good example could be soaps and body lotions with a free gift certificate to the spa. If the couple is into the arts, perhaps some goodies and tickets to a play or concert that both love or has just been recently opened in the opera or theater. Family members can combine this with a collage containing pictures that both will surely love. This is a great gift especially for couples who are fond of wearing matching everything even when they are really old. 3. Buy plates with gold markings or a border that is made of gold. Finding a chinaware like this may seem difficult but this is something that will definitely put a smile on the couple s face. The couple always talked flying down to Florida but was shocked to see two first class tickets to the Bahamas. Mary got out of bed and started to pack but Jack had already done that. There were two bags in the closet, which were ready so there was already nothing to worry about. Two hours after freshening up, there was a knock on the door. Put a personal reminder Even the simplest gift item can be a reminder of the relationship and of good times if you know how to create that atmosphere of romanticism. For instance, if you have bought a mug, why not put your names inside a heart using craft paint? Or maybe buy a t-shirt and then design them with the lyrics of your theme songs? One project that you can do is to make matching jackets for the couple or maybe a couple of scarves for the winter season. You can also turn their favorite photo into an image that you can cross stitch and then framed. This will be a wonderful addition to their bedroom or their sitting room. If you are into crafts, you can also make them a handmade photo album with papers that you have hand-made yourself. 

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