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If you have special talents in crafts, you can personalize a gift out of creativity. Examples of beautiful gifts that you can create at a lesser cost: - Oil painting or Acrylic painting of a romantic landscape, still life, and relevant artistic style/themes fit for silver anniversary gift - Homemade embroidered bedroom sets like quilts, flat sheets, pillows case sets - Framed Cross-stitched display designs, as wall accent The example of works will be most valued by the celebrants because of the amount of time spent on finishing them. You can even embroider both your initials on the item. Stick to what they can wear Another way to find something that you can give to your husband or partner on your anniversary is to find something that they can wear. Although you can give him something he needs to wear, there are other gift items that he can wear just because. The person can easily get one of these from the rack and give it to the couple. But if the individual wants it to be meaningful, it will be a good idea to get all of these items one by one to add that personal touch. The first thing to purchase is the basket. These come in different sizes so the right one should be chosen to be fit all the items. This may not seem appropriate but if you are close friends with at least one of the couple, these kinds of gifts are better appreciated than perhaps drinking glasses or photo albums that are always on the list of anniversary gift ideas. Take note though that you are close to the couple as this may seem pretty intimate. If you are going to do this, make sure that you have informed the couple of what you are doing. This will ruin the surprise, yes but that would vastly be much better than having two of the same thing! You ll never know, they might have already decided to buy one. Know your budget You can narrow down your search further if you know just how much you can spend for the wedding anniversary gift. If you are not much into embroideries, you can just improvise and buy a patch that you can stitch on the item. Initials will also work on caps as well as other designs such as geometric shapes for men and flowers for women. Another idea is to put a continuing phrase on both caps such as Love is blind. 

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