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With limited gift choices and even more limited budget, it can be one of the most frustrating things that you will have to do. And do it you must. Otherwise, you have to show up with nary a gift in hand. Here are some ideas that may help you come up with wedding anniversary gift with just a few dollars in your pockets. Hats off. One idea is to give matching hats or caps to the couples. There are a lot of head gears that you can choose from, bonnets, straw hats and berets. What you can do is to embroider their names in the hat or cap. If you are not much into embroideries, you can just improvise and buy a patch that you can stitch on the item. According to the themes, paper is the material that is prescribed to be given at this period of the relationship. The modern gift that is recommended for the first year is the clock, perhaps to symbolize the continuous passage of time. Of course you need not give an actual paper as gift. Although you can probably give a notepad or some papers with a personalized letterhead, it does not have to be an actual paper. Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men Anniversary wedding gift shopping is hard enough without putting the man factor into the equation but this is a fact of anniversary gift life that one has to accept and just deal with. Whether you have known the man half of the couple for most of your life or have only known for a couple of years, gift hunting for a man can be really frustrating. This is perhaps the reason why anniversaries that reach the milestone years are often celebrated in a big way. After all, there is a lot to celebrate. Here are some great ideas for gifts that children can give their parents. A long vacation Let s face it. With the long years that they have spent putting up with you, they deserve a week or a month of a life that is kids-free. Through the years, people have continued this tradition by giving each other jewelry, a pen or a clock that is made of gold. It takes a lot of love and patience to make a couple last this long in a relationship. Instead of these two giving something, shouldn't it be time for the children and grandchildren to offer something back? 

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